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New Generation Banking Platform to provide faster and reliabel computing facilities to retail banks as its primary focus. Completely modular design enables the system to introduce new services and integrations with ease.
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AttunServ BSI

UI Based Integration platform built with an aim to reduce the amount of coding required for integration of various services by using its out of the box features. Based on the concepts of SOBA, it provides the ease of mind to the IT departments facing the uphill task of integrating major services in their organizations.
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Latest kid in the block with its modular and functional approach to provide the CRM services to the clients. Flexible and robust customization featuers makes it an ideal choice for organizations with rapidly changing needs.
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AttunServ CSC

A Full Fledged customer service center for clients who want to provide best in-class service to their customers. With excellent and versatile features present, things are as easy as click and play.
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Lightweight ERP System built over Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform. Aimed at empowering small and mid size clients looking to automate their sales and markting operations along with a few ERP elements.
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AttunServ CPM

Collaborative Project Management is the need of most of the project based activities across industries. Attunserv CPM provides the best features that can be used while multiple resources are acting upon the various stages of the project.
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Rapid Application Development Platform that reduces the application development time by almost 30%. Built on the Java/J2EE stack, this is a configurable framework having shorter learning curves.
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ZTCommerce is the latest e-Commerce platform offering enterprise capabilities for large customer, hosted/cloud option for SMEs and free for small customers. It primarily focuses on market orientation, Implemntation ease, out of box solution, Inetgration cababilities and cost advatage for all type of customers.
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We Implement !!
Attunserv Integrator

Integrating Business Needs. A versatile SOBA based product.
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